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Our company is built on a basic belief that the combined wisdom of our people, their experience creativity of their ideas and the practicality of their solutions will help us overcome all challenges.
Be a part of the AR Associates team! Explore a career path that will expand your skills and expertise!.AR Associates success is due, in large part, to the highly talented and skilled employees that execute the day-to-day tasks.
If you are looking to join a growing company where you are valued for your commitment, effort and results,

Core Services

Why do companies hire temporary employees? Maybe you have a business thats always busier around the holidays, but your full-time staff get overworked as a result. Or, you regularly find yourself struggling to find someone willing to pick up extra hours and youre the one that has to stay late because your team is understaffed.
If your business is not online then you are missing a big opportunity. As a business, one of the top priority is to understand consumer behaviour, Consumers habits and behaviour has changed drastically in the recent years.
Inorder to improve efficiency and stay competitive in todays dynamic market, it is imperative to have web applications that are easy to use, and personally tailored to each business needs
AR Associates Technologies is a budding digital marketing company started with the primary aim of leveraging the web technology to enable the clients to outperform their competitors and to grow their business in leaps and bounds. ..
Website hosting is a critical factor for site speed. A slow website creates a poor user experience for website visitors and actually has a negative impact on your websites SEO and rankings within the search engines.

Our Expertise

40% Complete (success)
Web Development
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Web Application Development
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Web Hosting
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    • Talent Acquisition

      � Advanced technology used to create list of screened candidates.

      � Unparalleled access across industries and functional areas

      � Educating and assisting associates with all compliance

  • Administration

    � 100% compliance management & audit support

    � Monthly and client specific PF, ESIC submission and Salary slip generation

    � Dedicated account managers assigned

  • Benefits of AR Associates

    � We always respond quickly to Business Trends

    � We will take over your Administrative Tasks

    � We can offer highly Customisable Hiring Solutions

    � You enjoy greater flexibility in Business decisions

    � You will save with reduced Fixed Costs

    � You can try out potential Permanent Hires